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AromaTouch Technique - $48

A profound whole-body wellness experience!

The many benefits of AromaTouch Technique include stress management, immune support, and autonomic nervous system balance. 

Essential oils are applied topically to the back, neck and feet in a particular order and worked gently into the skin through soothing effleurage strokes.  The healing essences of Lavender, Tea Tree, Wild Orange and Peppermint fill the room as you breathe deeply and surrender to the moment.  Once homeostasis is achieved, the body can begin to heal itself. 


Our mission is to create a 'scent-sational' experience for you each and every time you visit.  With a committment to natural health and wellness, it is our intention to inspire in you a change for the better.  Our passion is to help those on a journey of personal growth and healing and empower you to live a life filled with joy and well-being.

Through our many services and products, you will find a theme.... Aromatherapy.  Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to bring about healing in the body, mind and spirit.  Essential oils are the 'life blood' of the plant, and the plant's immune system. We can benefit in the same ways as the plants do just as nature intended.  From the earth, we are given medicine, food and beauty.  Let us receive these gifts with gratitude and harness the power they hold within.

Erin Benoit is a Certified Aromatherapist with over a decade of experience. She graduated from the Canadian Institute of Natural Health and Healing in 2005 with a Day Spa Diploma.  Her passion is to educate the public and bring awareness to a new wave of health-care as an alternative or complement to sick-care (medicine).

At Wild Rebel Rose Spa we use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils from DoTERRA in all of our aromatherapy blends and treatments.  We also make a variety of bath and body creations such as Bath Cupcakes, Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Shower Steamers, On Guard "John Bombs", Lotion Bars

and of course, custom blends to heal what ails you.  These are available for purchase at the Spa.

Aromatherapy Consultations are FREE with the purchase of $25 or more

Custom Blends - One time fee of $25 + cost of the oils

Refills - just the cost of the oils

Interested in learning more about aromatherapy?

We also teach classes on how to incorporate essential oils into your natural wellness lifestyle!


- Aroma 101

-Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet

-Makeover Your Gym Bag

-Makeover Your Diaper Bag

-Makeover Your Car

-Makeover Your Cleaning Supplies

-Everyday Living with Essential Oils

-Natural Skin Care

-NEW* Emotional Aromatherapy - Passion, Motivate, Cheer, Forgive, Peace and Console

You can BUY your oils HERE!