Dare to be beautiful, naturally!

Wild Rebel Rose Spa | Esthetics by Erin

Kelowna, BC   250-826-7359

Dare to be beautiful, naturally!

Erin Benoit

Owner / Esthetician

Waxpert. Skin Care enthusiast. Entrepreneur.

"I believe everyone should feel amazing in their skin. Whether you're coming for a facial or hair removal, my goal is for you to leave feeling comfortable, confident and oh so smooth!"

Spa Philosophy

100% Natural, Safe, Non-toxic Environment
We here at Wild Rebel Rose Spa understand that many people
have sensitivities to chemicals, fragrances and artificial substances. It is our promise that we will never compromise your health by allowing synthetics on site.

We ask that each and every one of our guests and employees arrive free from fragrances, parfum, chemicals and toxins. This means you will never have to walk through a chemical-laden hair salon or nail salon to receive your spa treatments. All spa services are performed in a quiet, serene and private treatment room.

It is our promise to keep the air we share safe for ALL.

Fragrances are most easily detected by scent as they are airborne substances. Because parfum is hidden in everyday products like laundry detergents, hair and body care products and even makeup, we ask you to carefully read your labels when preparing for your visit to our spa. If fragrance is detected on your person or personal affects, you will unfortunately be asked to leave immediately and any late cancellation fees will apply.