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Waxing - Hair Removal

Best Brazilians in town! 
Smooth skin....yes please! 

Advanced training and professional products get you the very best service;
Safe, quick, and hair-free every time! 

(Erin always uses vinyl non-latex gloves for every waxing service, and never double dips on waxed skin.)

We use all natural, sugar based hard wax on your most sensitive areas for the gentlest, cleanest hair removal experience.

For sensitive areas (like manzilian or brazilian), hard wax is the key.  But this isn't just any old beauty store hard wax we use. We only use THE BEST on the market to get that perfect wax every time!

All our waxes are low temperature too, which means less skin irritation and never any burning!

****Ask about our Bye Bump ingrown hair treatments****

Female Brazilian Wax

Remove unwanted hair from the pubic region, belly button to tail bone and as much or little in between. Hard wax (stripless wax) is always used on the labia.

Brazilian = $75
Monthly Maintenance (upkeep) = $55

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What is a Manzilian or Brozilian?

A Manzilian wax consists of the removal of unwanted hair in the pubic region, from belly button to tail bone (sack and crack included).

If you are new to waxing (or just curious to see what it's all about), and want a clean, professional, gentle and quick service, book now.

Manzilian = $85
Monthly Maintenance Upkeep = $65

Pre and Post Wax

Come to your appointment fresh and clean wearing NO perfumes or lotions. 

A Prep Oil Pad is provided for intimate waxing to help protect the sensitive skin. No prep is needed for body waxing.

Ingrown Hairs - we offer Bye Bump ingrown Masque treatment that can easily be added to your waxing service and retail products for homecare.

Keep your skin happy at home!

Green Cream - This exfoliating mask was designed to treat ingrown hairs or bumps on the skin. Leave on overnight and wash it off in the morning. Use daily as needed.

Personal Cleansing Bars - Using regular soaps and perfume-laden body washes strips the acid mantle of the skin causing imbalance and odors. This all-natural scent-free bar eliminates odors and balances the pH level without stripping the protective barrier of the skin. 

Ouch Balm - (a.k.a. Sex Balm) - This post-wax balm is made with all natural healing ingredients to soothe and protect the skin. A gentle lubricant to prevent chaffing (if you just can wait those recommended 48 hours). Also great for burns, cuts, bites, abrasions, redness, irritation and eczema.

Body Bars - these glycerine-based bars are gentle enough for babies and great for eczema or dry, itchy skin.

Brow Wax - $25

Lip Wax - $10

Chin Wax - $10

Underarm Wax - $25

Lower Leg Wax - $35

Upper Leg Wax - $45

Full Legs - $75